7. International QueerTango-Festival in Berlin:
27. – 31. Juli 2017

Dance workshops for beginners & all levels, milongas, shows
and lots of fun.

We are looking forward to see you! Mark your calenders with our dates :-)

The compleate program will be ready and you can register here online from 1st of May 2017! Take advantage of earlybird discounts til end of June.

Queertangofestival_Berlin2016 from Astrid Weiske on Vimeo.

7. International QueerTango-Festival in Berlin,
27. – 31. July 2017:

Germanys Queer & Tangometropolis invites again: the seventh edition of the intern. Queer-Tango-Festival will take place from 27.- 31. Juli 2017!
Berlin intern. Queertango Festival established during the last 6 years to one of the most successul Queer Tango events worldwide. More than 250 registered participants from all over the world came to Berlin to dance tango, to learn, to meet friends and to make new contacts. The workshops with mayor international renown tangoteachers and dancers were booked out, and the evening activities and Milongas were well-attended. Especially the open and relaxed atmosphere was emphasized by participants and guests. The fourth annual of world’s largest QueerTango Festival will take place again at the end of July. So be a part of the fascinating, magical world of QueerTango.

We are looking forward to you!!

Encounter in movement

Since the year 2009, tango is part of the world culture heritage of the UNESCO. And Berlin attracts more and more tango enthusiasts year after year, since Germany’s capital is the second largest tango metropolis in the world, right after Buenos Aires. How convenient that both cities have been town-twinned for years.

Exchanging and advancing, contact and communication, passion and surrender – that’s tango. A unique opportunity to build a bridge between the many different everyday worlds. The International QueerTango Festival Berlin wants to connect the far shore of the Río de la Plata with that of the Spree. But the festival not only encourages the dialog between the cultures, but also wants to contribute to the integration of lesbians, gays and transgender on the social stage. Tango is part of the projection of the heteronormative dance culture.

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Time for a change in leading!

The QueerTango Festival invites all tango enthusiasts to its „open gender classes“ - regardless of the sexual orientation - to break out of the convenient roles, and to experience „leading“ and „following“ in a new perspective. QueerTango is a symbol of and a medium for being respectful and attentive with each other, it is a dancing dialog between two people based on an equally balanced exchange – regardless of national boundaries and categories such as origin or social gender.

What is familiar ground for lesbians, gays and transgender in everyday life, can turn out to be a fascinating discovery in QueerTango for every dancer. And that in a light, playful and sensual manner. For the term „queer“ not only refers to the origin based in gay subculture, but also to the „queer“, strange, rarely questioned gender roles of tango. The changing roles deepen the understanding of tango and enable an intensive experience of the dance.
For advanced dancers the game of giving up and taking the leading role offers a creative challenge and a source of inspiration.

Shall we dance?

Over a period of three days, the QueerTango Festival offers a number of workshops with different topics and aspects, taught by internationally renowned dancers of the tango and the queertango world. You can leave your dancing shoes on until the early hours, for there will be dances with performances and live music every evening. Discussion groups, art and cultural events, and one or two surprises will round up the festival programme. Since the workshops were booked out pretty fast last year, an early registration is recommended. For this, you can also enjoy the early-booking discount.


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